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SEO / Digital Analytics Expert  

Sede Svizzera, Ticino, Lugano

Data: 29/08/2018

Settore: Informatica

Ruolo: IT/Technology


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We are looking for a SEO Analyst to join our team and help us improving our online and mobile presence.

SEO Analyst responsibilities include performing keyword research, give optimizing suggestions on our contents and monitoring user engagement across our website and apps. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with current SEO techniques and analytics tools and have excellent analytical skills.

Ultimately, you will apply effective SEO strategies to ensure we attract and engage our target audience and convert visitors into customers.


  • Conduct keyword research using various tools.
  • Discover and Analyze the most trending topics of the day and week in order to riding the wave and to try make contents viral.
  • Analyze and create daily and weekly report about the trands of our digital proprieties.
  • Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps in our content or areas of improvement in our online presence
  • Track important SEO metrics including organic traffic, conversion rates and time spent on page
  • Report on performance metrics comparing them to our SEO goals and benchmarking data
  • Follow SEO trends and stay up-to-date with new tools and practices


  • Work experience as an SEO Analyst or similar digital marketing role.
  • Expertise in Google Analytics, ChartBeat.
  • Familiarity with keyword research and management tools
  • Experience with email campaigns and paid advertising.
  • Understanding of ranking factors and search engine optimization practices
  • Strong analytical skills.

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