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Back End Developer   

Site: Svizzera, Ticino, Novazzano

Date: 04/04/2019

Sector: Informatica

Role: IT/Technology


Company presentation

“Your time, our technologies”. Our slogan encloses our company philosophy better than any speech. We want to change the standard according to which searching for a job or for candidates are two unidirectional processes: we put our technology at the service of our customers, allowing them to save time and money, being aware of the fact that the two things are closely linked. All our tools were developed with this mission in our mind and therefore, in addition to the technological aspect, we give a great importance to the "user experience": users can use our systems in the most intuitive way possible, thus saving further time, which is usually dedicated to learn a new software.

Job ad description

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Per ingrandire lo staff It siamo alla ricerca di un profilo per la parte back end.

La figura deve conoscere: 




La figura avrà la responsabilità dello sviluppo e del mantenimento di uno specifico moudolo del software venduto alle agenzie per il lavoro.  

Siamo alla ricerca di una figura dinamica, con grande pragamatismo e precisione. 

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Job type: Lavoro a tempo indeterminato


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